Celebrating the videos of the greatest band in the world, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!

Created March 22, 2011 by starlesseyesforheavenssake

Frank Iero- Stage Four: Fear Of Success 9/3/13 (A&M music center in Lyndhurst, NJ)

Frank Iero: New Song at Union Hall 6/8/13

Frank Iero talks about how he got into playing guitar (2012)

Gerard dancing a little at Comic Con (2012)

Oh Gerard, you funny little man. 

(Source: mcrvideos)

MCR at Gary Ampitheater (FULL CONCERT, Tampa Florida, September 24, 2011)

(Source: mcrvideos)

MTV Transistor Interview with the band: PART 3 (Denmark, March 15, 2011)

(Source: mcrvideos)

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